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Kal Korff

Popular English Mistakes

14.3.2008  4:00
By popular request, here’s another installment in our series on popular myths about English. Until fairly recently, it was always thought to be "improper" to start off or begin your sentences...  celý článek

Your Great Letters - 6

13.3.2008  4:24
As we mentioned yesterday, we’ve now received more than 50,000 letters from all of you during these past two years. Once again, THANKS VERY MUCH! Here are some answers to a few of the more...  celý článek

50,000 Letters from You!

12.3.2008  4:47
An amazing thing has happened, we’ve reached a real milestone here together. We certainly could NOT have done it without all of you, -- our loving, loyal and dedicated readers. Kal’s Korner has...  celý článek

Inside a REAL Court Case

11.3.2008  4:14
Our exclusive "insider view" shows you real imagery from a trial. Unbelievably, right after this shooting, Geiger’s FATHER was called in "to secure" the evidence at the crime scene! This was a...  celý článek

Inside American “Justice” - Part 2

10.3.2008  4:25
As the vehicle which contained the four men who had just robbed a house, and Kurtis Korff (who was NOT involved and had nothing to do with this crime), headed towards the police, they were...  celý článek

Explaining U.S. Justice - 1

7.3.2008  4:21
It was a dark and stormy night, literally, in the woods of Oregon in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Kurtis Korff, age 39, was in a car which was being driven by several men.  celý článek

JUSTICE! He’s NOT Guilty

6.3.2008  4:32
EXCLUSIVE! The secret, INSIDE STORY of a REAL U.S. Court Trial. Yesterday, in a courtroom halfway around the world, a jury of 12 Oregon citizens had an important decision to make. The freedom of...  celý článek

Power Point Power Phrases - Part 3

5.3.2008  4:10
When making Power Point presentations, even when you’re a woman, make sure that you use creative language, and that you get to your point. Power Point presentations are not supposed to be...  celý článek

Write Good Power Pointies - Part 2

4.3.2008  4:14
Today, our focus is on Power Point slides and how to make them so that even the dumbest person will be able to understand your, well, point. As we explained yesterday, REAL M-E-N just L-O-V-E...  celý článek

Writing Good Power Point - Part 1

3.3.2008  4:08
Welcome to another installation of How Ta Write Good, where we teach you how to write "good" in English, or what those stuffy shirts sometimes call "well." Well our whatever, today’s lesson is...  celý článek

Practicing Travel English 3

29.2.2008  4:24
When you’re in the USA, remember that you have a passport, which is a commodity most Americans will never possess. Don’t let anyone fool you, a passport IS VALID I.D. everywhere in the United...  celý článek

Practicing Travel English 2

28.2.2008  4:06
Continuing our series on traveling to America where you will have to speak English, let’s finish our point now about being polite and about also being a foreigner. Since most Americans do not...  celý článek

English for Traveling - 1

27.2.2008  5:16
When traveling to the United States, there are some general factors to consider, including such basic things as asking for directions. Here are a few simple rules, guidelines and tips which can...  celý článek

An Old Mystery Is Solved

26.2.2008  4:09
The age old question of "Why did the chicken cross the road?" has been pondered by the greatest minds of not only history, but in all of humanity. A brief sampling of this plethora of insightful...  celý článek

Our Videos Have a New Codec

25.2.2008  4:08
We have now uploaded on the newly-redesigned Web site at www.kalskorner.net, which has a new look and feel, some new videos which are embedded with the new codec we plan to use. This will allow...  celý článek

Now He’s Won Ten in a Row

22.2.2008  10:26
While the Republican side of the contest in the U.S. Presidential race is being represented by Arizona Senator John McCain, on the Democratic side of the fence, this contest comes down to just...  celý článek

Czech Miss Isle da Fense

21.2.2008  10:21
Awright dagnabit, I can see that it’s time to Týčh every one how to write good about Miss Isle da Fense once again, and her cousin RADAR, (see photo on right) who just wants everyone to leave...  celý článek

Hocus Pocus Dominocus

20.2.2008  6:54
Later tonight, and possibly into the wee hours of Thursday evening, depending on where you live, don’t be surprised if the Moon as you know it looks a little "tired" or suddenly turns the color...  celý článek

Human Machine Fusion

19.2.2008  4:43
Nanotechnology. Get used to it. If you don’t know what it is now, you WILL in the next few years as it becomes part of your life, literally. Nanotechnology is the science of building or...  celý článek

Longest Name in America

18.2.2008  4:09
Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. While English is considered to be one of the easier languages to master, because of its mixed heritage and influence from several different...  celý článek

True CzEnglish Stories - Part 3

15.2.2008  5:47
This is the third and final installment of this three part article. As I stood at the bottom of these stairs in what was now a small lobby, I could hear noise in the background, the sound of...  celý článek

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14.2.2008  4:17
February 14th, it’s a day for romance, love, chocolate, flowers, and of course those hand written cards or love notes. It’s Valentine’s Day.  celý článek

Amazing CzEnglish Tales 5 - Part 2

13.2.2008  4:10
Now that I was literally stuck in this steel cage, which was sandwiched between the first entrance door to this "pub" and still another steel door which actually led into this establishment, I...  celý článek

Adventures in CzEnglish 5

12.2.2008  4:53
I’ll never forget the time when I was walking around Prague and asked two Czech men where I might find a nice, "quiet pub or club" to go sit down and relax, so that I could do some writing on...  celý článek

And Now It’s Only Three

11.2.2008  4:50
In the United States of America, voters are busy choosing the Presidential candidates who will compete against each other in the upcoming election this November.  celý článek

Shaking Viruses to Death

8.2.2008  4:35
It is safe to say that in the next ten years, there will be more progress in fighting and curing major deadly diseases than there has ever been in the combined history of medicine.  celý článek

Introducing “What Is It?”

7.2.2008  4:33
As we continue to roll out our comprehensive series of new reality-based Internet TV shows which make a point to feature English, What Is It? is now available for viewing online at...  celý článek

Expres Dinners: The Show

6.2.2008  3:07
As everyone knows, the Expres Dinners program is very simple and it is here Expresially for you: if YOU want me to come cook you an original, homemade American-style dinner at your place of...  celý článek

They Went 18 and NO!

5.2.2008  4:24
The Superbowl. It’s America’s favorite, premiere sports event, and while this world championship game is often a rout, this year’s contest proved to be a real nail biter.  celý článek

Four: Get Ready for More

1.2.2008  4:40
As we continue to expand our previously mentioned beachhead of English-driven content for you on a variety of subjects, the second episode of Kal’s Korner has now been uploaded to the Internet...  celý článek

We Did It: Online and Real

30.1.2008  4:27
Other than a last minute technical glitch popularly known as Murphy’s Law, Kal’s Korner is now online and it is now a new reality-based TV show which broadcasts worldwide on the Internet.  celý článek

U.S. Presidential Election

29.1.2008  5:37
First, in Round One of the U.S. Presidential election he stunned critics by soundly beating the "invincible" Hillary Clinton in the state of Iowa. Illinois Senator Barrack Obama, proved he is...  celý článek

Adventures in CzEnglish - Part 3

28.1.2008  4:56
After we had waited for some 20 minutes while this elderly gentleman was being schmoozed by the salesman, he was finally given his mouse and had his free Czech Babe Mouse Pad, so finally it was...  celý článek

CzEnglish Adventures - Part 2

25.1.2008  4:56
After spending eternity on the phone, Martina was finally told they had one hard drive left in stock. She asked for it to be delivered. After she got off the phone, I asked her how far this...  celý článek

Adventures in CzEnglish V

24.1.2008  10:12
As every Czech person knows, CzEnglish is that distinctive, unique form of English which every Czech person automatically speaks and "psychically" understands, regardless of their level of...  celý článek

A New TV/Video Viewer

23.1.2008  10:26
One of the neatest features in the new Kal’s Korner Online Web site is a viewer which allows you to watch video and Web-based TV content with only a single mouse click.  celý článek

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